otoa advanced sniper school


Course Overview:

 This three-day (24 Hrs) course is designed to teach the sniper more instinctive and precise engagement at intermediate ranges with more confidence. This course consists of mid-range precision shooting from distances of 50 to 300 yds. We will review the following subjects: Safety, Rigging of the sniper rifle, fundamentals of marksmanship, ballistics, correcting for environmental factors, firing positions, angle shooting, camouflage & concealment. We will also thoroughly cover alternate positions, urban positions and use of cover, observation and reporting for the sniper team, low light firing techniques with and with night vision devices, range estimation, correcting for wind drift, shooting moving targets and many other advanced techniques. An emphasis will be placed on closer range urban engagements, to include combating urban terrorism. Also thoroughly covered will be urban movement and stalking skills, urban hide sites and many other advanced techniques. We will shoot several challenging courses of fire to include urban pairs engagement course, target discrimination drills, coordinated command firing, shooting through glass, advanced stress courses & competitions, team building climbing and advanced urban operations. Basically two days will consist of range classes and range shooting skill sets and one day on more advanced scenario based training to test the LE sniper and further their skills. 

2019 Advanced Sniper School:


Minimum Requirements:

 To attend this school, you must meet all of the following pre-registration requirements.

  • You must be a sworn Police Officer in Oregon
  • You must be currently assigned to or have an imminent appointment to a tactical team
    You must be in good physical condition with no light duty restrictions
    You must be attending on behalf of your agency covered by your own agency's workers comp insurance
  • Have your own kit to include a precision sniper rifle, optics and 600 rounds of match grade ammunition.​​

Included in Course:

 All students who successfully complete the training will receive the following:

  • ​Certificate of completion for the OTOA Advanced Sniper School
  • 30 hours of advanced technical training submitted to DPSST via an F6

Packing List:

  • Issued sniper rifle with BDC riflescope normally 308 or 223 cal 
  • Clear eye protection 
  • 600 rds ammo 
  • Notebook and pen 
  • Round count/ Data book 
  • Rangefinder Spotting scope w/ tripod and or binoculars 
  • Wind meter if desired 
  • Rifle Sling (Preferably 2 point sling) 
  • Pistol and issued gun belt 
  • Rifle bi-pod 
  • Cleaning kit Shooting mat if wanted 
  • Calculator or PDA if desired 
  • Hearing protection 
  • Issued handheld radio