OTOA Training Opportunities

Basic SWAT School


Basic SWAT school is a 40 hour course designed to establish a solid tactical foundation for current or future operators assigned to tactical teams.  The course is specific to Oregon in terms of tactics, case law and police authority.....More

Basic Sniper School


Basic Sniper School is a 40 hour training course designed for tactical team personnel who are currently assigned as a law enforcement sniper.....More

Advanced Sniper School


 This three-day (24 Hrs) course is designed to teach the sniper more instinctive and precise engagement at intermediate ranges with more confidence. This course consists of mid-range precision shooting from distances of 50 to 300 yds.....More

Annual Conference & Vendor Show


The annual conference & vendor show is held in various places around the state and involves both classroom & keynote instruction as well as practical courses such as range, vehicle assaults and other specialized trainings.....More

Other Sponsored Training


OTOA frequently sponsors or hosts other training events where we partner with other agencies or outside instructor companies....More