otoa basic swat school


Course Overview:

 OTOA basic SWAT school is a 40 hour course designed to establish a solid tactical foundation for current or future operators assigned to tactical teams.  The course is specific to Oregon in terms of tactics, case law and police authority. The course is Sun-Fri generally 0800-1700 except Sunday which is 1300-1700.  All lodging and meals are included with the tuition fee.  This course encourages attendance by all assignments to tactical teams such as Entry, IP or Snipers, and team leadership or admin. 

2020 Basic SWAT:

 The 2020 OTOA Basic SWAT School will be held June 7-12, 2020 at Camp Rilea in Warrenton, OR. Class starts on Sunday June 7th  at 1300 hours. There is a mandatory check in on Sunday June 7th  from 1000-1200 hours. The school cost is $600 which includes room and board. Students are on their own for dinner on the night of Sunday June  7th.  

Minimum Requirements:

 To attend this school, you must meet all of the following pre-registration requirements.

  • You must be a sworn Law Enforcement Officer in Oregon. 
  • Team medics may register only if they have successfully completed a reserve police officer academy
  • You must be currently assigned to or have an imminent appointment to a tactical team
  • You must be in good physical condition with no light duty restrictions
  • You must be attending on behalf of your agency covered by your own agency's workers comp insurance
  • Have your own kit to include tactical vest, helmet, gas mask and primary/secondary weapon system​

Included in Course:

 All students who successfully complete the training will receive the following:

  • Certificate of completion for the OTOA Basic SWAT School
  • 40 hours of advanced technical training submitted to DPSST via an F6 
  • All lodging
  • All meals except for Sunday Dinner and Friday Dinner.  Class ends at approximately 1500 hrs on Friday to allow for travel time.
  • Certification for Less Lethal and Chemical Munitions as well as FSDD certification (Note: OTOA can only certify you if you have a certified instructor at your home agency who oversees your program)
  • ​OTOA T-Shirt

Packing List:

 All students will need to bring the following equipment with them:

  • ​Tactical vest, helmet, gas mask, primary weapon with sling and secondary weapon w/ holster.  
  • ​Eye protection
  • ​Tactical uniform to include boots and gloves
  • ​2 Flash bangs that your agency uses
  • Simunition handgun and magazines (if your agency has them, no UTM conversions, SIM only)
  • UTM rifle bolt (if your agency has them, no SIM bolts allowed)  If your agency has complete SIM 9mm uppers, those are acceptable.
  • OTOA has a limited number of SIM handguns and UTM rifle bolts to borrow, but supplies are limited so please make an effort to bring your own.
  • OTOA will provide all ammunition, please don't bring any ammunition of any kind outside your off duty carry or duty gear not used for training.
  • Do not bring any breaching shotguns, less lethal launchers or bolt action rifles.
  • Personal toiletries to include a shower towel
  • ​Bed sheets for a single size mattress or a sleeping bag & pillow​
  • Other personal items you determine appropriate