otoa basic sniper school


Course Overview:

 OTOA Basic Sniper School is a 40 hour training course is designed for tactical team personnel who are currently assigned as a law enforcement sniper. Areas of instruction will include: Basic operation of sniper rifles, optics, equipment selection, external ballistics and trajectory, fundamentals of precision rifle shooting, positional shooting, use of force and relevant case law, LE sniper’s role on a team, rifle care and maintenance, range finding, shooting through barriers, concealment, sniper hides; rural, and urban, sniper communication and urban sniper operations, as well as other subjects.  The week will be composed of classroom lecture, live fire range exercises, and practical scenarios. 

2019 Basic Sniper School:

  The OTOA Basic Sniper School will be held May 20-24th 2019 in the Portland Metro Area. 

Minimum Requirements:

 To attend this school, you must meet all of the following pre-registration requirements.

  • You must be a sworn Police Officer in Oregon
  • You must be currently assigned to or have an imminent appointment to a tactical team
    You must be in good physical condition with no light duty restrictions
    You must be attending on behalf of your agency covered by your own agency's workers comp insurance
  • Have your own kit to include a precision sniper rifle, optics and 500 rounds of match grade ammunition.​​

Included in Course:

 All students who successfully complete the training will receive the following:

  • ​Certificate of completion for the OTOA Basic Sniper School
  • 40 hours of advanced technical training submitted to DPSST via an F6 

Packing List:

  All students will need to bring the following equipment with them:

  • ​Sniper rifle with quality scope; Rifle should be properly zero’d before they arrive
  • 500 rounds of match grade ammunition
  • Data Book for rifle
  • Suitable backpack or drag-bag to carry their gear
  • Eye & ear protection for range and practical scenarios
  • Binoculars or spotting scope for observation
  • Rangefinder
  • Hide building materials for rural & urban hide construction
  • Camouflage uniform, gloves
  • Radio with ancillary earpiece, mic, etc.
  • Rifle cleaning supplies, lens cleaner / pen